Optimistically moving towards the future of work

Let’s make organisations and people successful in business and in life. With that credo, even the greatest of challenges are rendered small and manageable. But they’re not to be taken lightly because obstacles are appearing everywhere: trends like digitalisation, the ageing of the workforce and globalisation are demanding updated infrastructure, work methods and labour organisation.

At Securex, we see this as a positive evolution. We embrace the variable context as an opportunity. As a chance to consolidate our services. And we invite organisations and their people to do the same.

Our starting point? The needs of our clients. We tailor our services to reality, and not vice versa. In doing so, we provide organisations and employees with strong guidance—regardless of their status.

Optimistically moving towards the future of work

Beyond expectations

In 2017, our Focus C strategy came into play. We generated a turnover of 278 million euro and achieved a bottom line of 7.7 million euro. And with that, we performed beyond expectations.

We are also looking back on an intense year. A year in which we stayed a step ahead of all sorts of evolutions: from the reformation of child benefits to developments in labour relations. Exactly how did we do that? This annual report tells the whole story.

Reading it, you’ll also discover the most important conclusions of our in-house studies. Our internal knowledge centre, Securex HR Research, put crucial themes under the microscope: absenteeism, motivation, sustainable employability, and more. The goal? To separate the hype from the relevant trends. And to prepare solutions to clearly delineated questions.

Employees create value

2018 also promises depth. We are counting on the input of our employees. And we keep supporting and encouraging them to give the best of themselves. In top physical and mental condition.

Because in the end, it is the employees who create value—in every organisation. Do they feel healthy, motivated and valued? Because then they’ll follow up on change more quickly, smoothly and efficiently. And they will make the most of the chances they come across. As such, they’ll grow personally and lead their organisations into a new era.

  • Chairman Securex Group
  • CEO Securex Group