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Everything for the people in the organisation

Entrepreneurship and the efforts of hundreds of thousands of employees are what keep the economic engine running. Securex has a part to play too. We help entrepreneurs to grow and expand. This is partially done through an HR policy that’s targeted at individual sustainable employability.

Starting out? Or an experienced independent, SME, large corporation or public administration service? Securex is the partner par excellence in every case. We offer all services needed for a fully integrated HR policy. On every level: start-up and growth, personnel and wage administration, prevention and well-being, talent development and income insurance.

The Securex Group has 1,700 employees, distributed across 36 regional offices. Every day, they’re ready to talk to 83,800 companies, 116,000 independents and 5,600 privileged partners, bookkeepers, brokers and accountants.

In 2017, the organisation recorded a turnover of 278 million euro. It is active in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.

From childhood dream to thriving business

Starting a business of your own? It’s a childhood dream for many. Making this dream a reality often means following an uneven and unpredictable path. Full of energy at the start. Almost failing. Finding courage. The first client calls. Followed by a second one. And steady growth. Until suddenly, there’s too much to be done and the first employee comes on board. The beginning of even more growth, with even more employees and successes that go international.

Securex helps entrepreneurs and employers in every phase. From shaky beginnings on their own to the sustainable well-being of every employee. And all in step with our mission: Let’s make organisations & people successful in business and in life. Watch our film:

Company size inspires approach

Optimal services from one to enormous numbers of employees

From the self-employed to companies with tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees: Securex is there for the entire professional population. How we do make sure that every status receives the right service? By forming ecosystems for specific target groups and with the expertise of internal and external partners.

Find out about our successful projects in 2017 for:

All energy to the right place

Securex helps entrepreneurs to focus on their core activities

Independent, self-employed entrepreneurs add colour to our economy. Their ideas lead the way to the future, while their dedication is inspiring. But how do they stay on course while 1001 challenges, including administrative tasks, demand their attention? With support from Securex.

In 2017, the client portfolio of the social security fund Integrity grew by 4.5 per cent. The second strongest growth in the sector.

We also started a project for faster, smoother and more efficient management of independent entrepreneurs: on 1 October 2018, all dossiers will be moving to Ventouris. We are sharing that platform (and the related costs) with seven competitors. It makes it easier for us to keep the tool up to date and guarantees employees and clients a better user experience.

What about the sharing economy? We also support the people who are working as part of it. They are allowed to earn up to 6,000 euro without paying any tax. But if they earn more? Then they need to subscribe to a recognised business counter offering services for independents. We reached an agreement about this with ListMinut and Deliveroo. They refer the self-employed members of their workforce to Securex as soon as they exceed the legal limit.

Seeking advice from our business counter? That’s becoming even more beneficial for independents; we’ve now been given a green light for the SME portfolio. Independent and self-employed entrepreneurs in Flanders receive subsidies if they call on our services. Our official status as a service provider is valid until 2021.

Securex is also involved with Be.Lance. This initiative helps foreign companies on the path to establishing themselves in Belgium. Almost 1,000 businesses came to Belgium in 2017. Be.Lance opened a dossier for 150 of them.

Better focus, more comfort

SMEs counting on stronger offers and promising partnerships

SMEs seem to be under fire from social and fiscal regulations. This is why we group all HR services for small and medium-sized companies together under one roof. In 2017, ComfoHRt was a success, and we sharpened our sector-oriented focus.

In 2017, 5000 new clients signed up for ComfoHRt, the all-in-one solution for personnel management. SMEs appreciate the integrated HR services that we offer, both online (client portal and HRonline) and offline (personal and proactive client advice).

As we did in 2016, we sharpened our range for the building, horeca and retail sectors in 2017. The goal? Targeted solutions with concrete challenges and a stronger level of trust with our clients. We achieved this by laying a foundation for more cooperation between individual business units. This ensures that changes with a certain employer quickly flow through from one department to the next.

We also met the needs of our clients with new products. We closed partnerships with the start-ups Helpigo and Book’u. The first offers employers a tool for the immediate selection of candidates for job vacancies. The second provides SMEs with software to streamline their personnel rosters and holiday planning.

Total solution with guaranteed added value

Large companies tackle complex challenges with combined disciplines

Absenteeism, sustainable employability, burnout prevention ... Nowhere are these challenges as complex as they are at large companies. We take a number of different approaches to reach an integrated solution that works. In 2017, we therefore strengthened the internal collaboration between our experts.

Imagine a large company struggling with high a degree of absenteeism. Prevention via health and safety measures? That’s one option. But combine it with a focus on leadership or medical monitoring and the approach often becomes even stronger.

The expertise for the shared solutions sits with the different business units (BUs) at Securex. How do we efficiently bring them together? In 2017, we started building a keep team that transcends business units. In addition, we are exploring the path of multidisciplinary teams across BU borders.

The quality of our basic services? We guarantee it with watertight service level agreements. In the meantime, we are further streamlining our client communication. As we did in 2017, we are sending fewer messages, but making sure that any going out are clearer and more uniform.

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