Securex and Acerta name their child benefits fund ‘Infino’

On the starting blocks for regionalisation

Securex responds to changes in legislation. One of the most noticeable? The regionalisation of child benefits. To prepare for this, Securex and Acerta joined their child benefit funds. At the end of 2017, both companies presented their shared brand: Infino.

Infino is a new company with a face and mission of its own. At the moment, the organisation is responsible for the benefit payments of almost 500,000 children across the entire country.

From 2019, child benefits will be a regional competence. Families will be able to choose for themselves which child benefit fund they subscribe to; at the moment, it’s the employer who makes this decision.

The collaboration between the Securex and Acerta child benefit funds is therefore an important strategic decision. We want to be the partner for families. A brand that understands families: in Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels Capital Region.

Our services

Hive5 supports innovation in a dynamic co-working space

Lively community of entrepreneurs

Our co-working space, Hive5, grew exceptionally in 2017. Entrepreneurs work there today in a larger, even more inspiring workplace. They develop their business ideas and together, they form a lively community of freelancers, start-ups and SMEs.

There are 135 people in this community today. All private offices are rented. And the open space is approximately two-thirds full.

Last year, especially for the Hive5 community, Gaël and his team ran interesting events, such as yoga classes, Lunch & Learn sessions, and MorningBoosts (expert advice served with breakfast).

Hive5 is buzzing with activity. The initial 1,200 m² of space was expanded to 1,621 m² in 2017. Scale-ups (start-ups in a growing phase) have found a home on one of the extra storeys.

Hive5 was established in June 2016. The innovative concept has since grown into a dynamic, locally anchored brand. With support from the Securex business counter and the payroll provider.

Securex is participating in Open Work and proUnity

Innovative collaboration forms

Globalisation, digitalisation, online-isation? They are the foundation of disruptive business models. As a result, the labour market is growing into a new, more flexible form of collaboration. Securex is jumping on the wagon and investing in two projects: OpenWork and proUnity.

Since 2015, the start-up proUnity has had its headquarters in the Hive5 offices at Securex; Securex has a 16 per cent participation in the company. The mission? To enable companies to make fast and cost-efficient use of contingency workers (temporary workers such as freelancers and interims).

proUnity offers its clients the right tool: a Vendor Management System (VMS). Using the online platform, companies can easily take on the ideal person for the job. Furthermore, they manage requests and performances, invoices and budgets in just a few clicks.

Initially, Securex granted proUnity a convertible loan. In 2017, it was transformed into a 16 per cent participation in the company.

The French start-up OpenWork is also creating new ways of collaborating. But it is approaching it differently than proUnity. OpenWork offers independents the opportunity to perform assignments for companies, but with the social benefits of an employee.

During the assignment, the freelancer is an employee of OpenWork. This keeps the administrative rigmarole to a minimum for the independent workers. And leaves them to focus on delivering high-quality work.

On 1 January 2018, OpenWork started in Belgium. Its headquarters? Our Hive5 co-working space. In the meantime, Securex acquired approximately 20 per cent of the company shares.

The match between Securex, proUnity and OpenWork is already strong. Our shared passion? Innovation in the area of New employment and the autonomous employee.