Our people

Sustainable employability via dialogue

Every day, our employees make the difference with their passion and talent, their ideas and the effort they put in. When are they able to perform at the peak of their abilities? When they are guided. And so, in 2017, we designed a new performance approach.

The new approach replaces the classic annual evaluation with continuous feedback, dialogue and flexible, relevant goals. This allows us to aim for sustainable growth and long-term development following the tempo and the needs of the employee. And to set everything on the right path, we introduced the Xpresso tool.

In 2018, we are putting the innovative approach into effect. Employees and supervisors will then have a faster view of performances and work satisfaction: digitally (via Xpresso) and face-to-face. The goal? That the organised annual evaluation makes way for continuous feedback in an informal or formal manner.

We are now giving the approach time to grow. We are convinced that the new feedback model will make our organisation stronger in the changing labour context.

Securex is investing in continuous feedback, and battling absenteeism

Better management of absences

At the same time, Securex is also responding to increasing absenteeism. Our answer: meaningful work and sustainable employability.

How do supervisors and team leaders manage absenteeism better? We committed ourselves to answering this question in 2017. With sustainable employability as a foundation, we created the People Dashboard. This tool interprets figures to show which absences demand special attention and sends out notifications about them.

The supervisor or team leader then knows exactly where action needs to be taken. For example, in a conversation with the employee, the supervisor can gain further insight into the situation. It’s crucially important to offer the right support so that employees can continue to be passionate about their work and about the organisation.

Our people in numbers

Inclusive labour market, healthy work floor

Contributing to better life and work: Securex’s corporate social responsibility promise in a nutshell. We are focusing in particular on ‘Decent Work for All’ and ‘Good Health and Well-Being’, two sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

What does this mean exactly? We support initiatives that help vulnerable people move forward in the labour market. And go to every length to keep our employees healthy.

Inclusive recruitment policy

In December 2016, Securex signed the Decent Work for All charter. We support people with disabilities, people with limited schooling and asylum seekers. The goal? Sustainable work for everyone.

As in 2016, we are supporting Diversicom: an organisation that guides people with disabilities to suitable jobs. We have taken on two apprentices in our External Communication and Finance departments.

We are also taking part in the Talent2Connect project, a national platform that puts employees in contact with job-seekers—supported by volunteer mentors. In doing so, we are following the spirit of SDG#17, which promotes collaboration to realise the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations more efficiently.

Sporting staff members

Securex has also committed to the UN development goal for Good Health and Well-Being. It states: ‘Ensure good health and promote well-being for all ages.’ We are striving to help employees feel good about themselves. We encourage them to:

  • exercise and play sport;
  • participate in sport events;
  • make sportive contributions for charities.

As such, in 2017, several employees took part in the annual Brussels 20 km for Vredeseilanden. Others took part in the Oxfam Trailwalker.

In 2018, we are once again embracing Decent Work for All and Good Health and Well-Being as spearheads of our corporate social responsibility policy.

CSR projects and partnerships in 2017: